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Pennsylvania Key Legislation – 2024


  • Senate Republicans Introduced Legislation To Withdrawal From The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. [SP Global, 2/5/24]


  • A Democratic Lawmaker Introduced A Legislative Package That Would Recognize Jan. 6 As Democracy Observance Day In Pennsylvania. [HR 287, 2023-2024 Regular Session, 1/9/24]

  • Republican Sen. Chris Dush Announced Plans To Introduce Legislation To Make Mental Competency A Prerequisite For Registering To Vote. [Politics PA, 2/24/24]

  • Senate Republicans Advanced Legislation By Sen. Dush That Would Effectively Eliminate Ballot Drop Boxes By Requiring Ballots Be Returned To An Employee At The County Seat. [PennLive, 3/19/24]


  • Democratic House Lawmakers Proposed Legislation To Allow Renters To Seal Public Eviction Records. [Post Gazette, 2/16/24]

  • Republican State Sens. Mastriano And Gebhard Introduced Legislation Targeting Immigrants By Imposing A 10% Fee On Money Sent Out Of The Country Electronically. [, 3/1/24]

  • Fifty Democratic House Reps. Sponsored Legislation to Pursue Relief For Medical Debts Through House Bill 78. [Franklin County Free Press, 2/29/24]


  • Republican Senators Advanced Legislation That Would Require Schools To Provide A List Of Sexually Explicit Content In The Schools’ Curriculum, Materials, or Books. [74 Million, 10/29/23]

  • Democratic Lawmakers Advanced A Bill To Allow Mental Health Days As Excused Absences For Students. [Observer Reporter, 1/30/24]

  • Republican State House Rep. Stephanie Scialabba Introduced Legislation, HB 2041, To Stop Pennsylvania Universities From Mandating DEI-based Courses And Training. [Campus Reform, 3/4/24] 

Gun Safety

  • Republican Senators Passed Legislation To Require At Least One Armed Security Personnel In Every School Building. [SB 907, 2023-2024 Regular Session, passed Senate, 12/13/23]

  • Democratic House Lawmakers Introduced A Gun Control Package Which Includes A Ban On Sales Of Automatic Weapons And Prohibits The Production Of Untraceable Gun Parts. [ABC News, 2/7/24]

  • Democratic Rep. Tim Brennan Proposed A Bill To Ban Guns At Polling Places. [WGAL, 2/20/24]


  • Republican Senators Are Drafting Legislation That Would Require The Commonwealth Attorney To Notify Federal Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Officials When An Undocumented Person Breaks The Law. [Times Observer, 3/18/24]


  • Democratic Lawmakers Introduced Legislation To Create More Public Sector OSHA Protections. [ABC 27, 2/5/24]

  • Democratic Legislators Proposed Legislation To Create Paid Family And Medical Leave. [2/14/24]

  • Democratic House Lawmakers Announced Plans To Introduce Legislation Called The “Pennsylvania Equal Pay Act For All,” Which Is Intended To Close The Gender Pay Gap. [ABC 27, 3/18/24]

LGBTQ+ Rights

  • Democratic Lawmakers Said They Will Introduce A Package Of Bills To Protect LGBTQ+ Students In Pennsylvania Schools. [Philadelphia Inquirer, 11/28/23]

  • Republican House Lawmakers Introduced Legislation To Ban Instruction On Gender Identity Or Sexual Orientation In K-5th Grades. [HB 319, 2023-2024 Second Regular Session, carried over, 1/2/24]

  • Republican House Lawmakers Announced Plans To Introduce Legislation To Prohibit Teachers From Facing Discipline Or Suit For Refusing To Use A Student’s Preferred Gender Pronouns. [York Daily Record, 3/15/24]

Reproductive Rights

  • House Democrats Introduced A Package Of Bills To Ensure That Pennsylvania Is Not Complicit In Other States’ Efforts To Criminalize Reproductive Health Care. [Abortions Protections Memo, 2023-2024 Regular Session, 10/10/23]

    • Democratic House Rep. Tarik Khan Introduced Legislation To Expand Access To Abortion. [Daily Pennsylvanian,  2/5/24]  

  • The Pennsylvania Black Maternal Health Caucus, Led By Democratic Reps. Morgan Cephas, Gina Curry, and La’Tasha Mayes Announced A Package Of Eight Legislative Bills – The Momnibus – To Address Critical Issues Surrounding Maternal Health And Well-Being. [Politics PA, 3/19/24]

Pennsylvania Key Legislation – 2023


  • Rep. Elizabeth Fiedler, (D-Phila.) Introduced Legislation To Create A Grant Program, “Solar for Schools,” To Expand The Use Of Solar Energy At School Facilities Across Pennsylvania. “State Rep. Elizabeth Fiedler introduced legislation that would create a grant program to expand the use of solar energy at school facilities across Pennsylvania. The grant program, “Solar for Schools,” would issue grants to schools for solar energy projects, including costs related to equipment, installation and maintenance of solar energy systems.” [Around Town, 3/13/23]

  • Senate Democrats Introduced The Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards Act. [SB-230, 23-24 Regular Session, 3/15/23]

  • Democratic Lawmakers Sponsored Legislation To Establish A Solar Program For Pennsylvania Schools. “Pennsylvania Democrats want to establish a solar program for Pennsylvania schools, hoping to reduce energy costs for K-12 districts and colleges and make sustainable investments. Lawmakers in the House and Senate have introduced legislation that would create a grant to fund solar energy assessments and help pay for installation and equipment for a solar energy system.” [Pennsylvania Capitol Star, 4/16/23]

  • Democratic Lawmakers Introduced Legislation To Create A 2,500-Foot Setback For Natural Gas Sites From Existing Buildings Or Water Wells. “Democratic legislators in Pennsylvania are once again attempting to secure a 2,500-foot protective buffer zone, or setback, for residents who live near prospective natural gas sites. After years of industry pushback on other proposed setback increases, the bill’s fate is uncertain. On April 3, Rep. Danielle Friel Otten (D-155) introduced HB 170, a bill that would restrict natural gas operators from siting new fracking wells fewer than 2,500 feet from an existing building or water well.” [Capitol & Main, 4/17/2023]

  • Republican Senators Passed Legislation To Remove “Protection” From The Name Of The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). “The Pennsylvania Senate voted along party lines to approve a bill proposing that a state agency drop “protection” from its moniker to become the Department of Environmental Services. For the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) name change to become official, Senate Bill 691 would need approval of both the state House and Gov. Josh Shapiro. The Senate’s Republican majority carried the bill by a 28-22 vote. No Democrats voted in support. A department spokesperson said the Shapiro Administration opposes a change.” [New Castle News, 6/8/23]


  • Senate Republicans Proposed A Constitutional Amendment To Provide For Election Audits. [SB-130, 23-24 Regular Session, 1/6/23]

  • The Republican-Controlled Senate Passed Senate Bill 1, Universal Voter ID Legislation That Would Limit The Types Of Identification Voters Can Use To Vote. [SB-1, 23-24 Regular Session, 1/11/23]

    • Senate Bill 1 Was Proposed For The Second Time In A Consecutive Session, A Requirement To Put The Constitutional Amendment On The Ballot. “In order to put a constitutional amendment on the ballot, it must pass through the General Assembly in two consecutive terms. Laughlin’s bill, Senate Bill 1 of the 2023-2024 legislative session, would be the second passage of a voter ID amendment that was introduced by Republican State Senator Judy Ward and passed in the 2021-2022 legislative session.” [Jim Wertz, Erie Reader, 1/11/23]

  • Senate Democrats Introduced A Bill To Enact Automatic Voter Registration. [SB-40, 23-24 Regular Session, 1/31/23]

  • House Democrats Passed A Bill Through Committee That Would Allow Election Officials To Begin Processing Mail-In Ballots Prior To Election Day. “A committee in the Democratic-controlled state House voted Monday to pass a bill that, among other changes, would allow counties to open mail ballot envelopes, flatten the ballots within, and prepare them to be tallied before Election Day — a labor-intensive process commonly known as pre-canvassing. Election administrators have long argued the change would allow the commonwealth to report its election results more quickly. But while lawmakers across the political spectrum have generally been open to pre-canvassing, it has been repeatedly mired in fights between Republicans and Democrats over more controversial election measures.” [WHYY, 4/25/23]


  • Republican Lawmakers, Including Sen. Doug Mastriano (R), Introduced School Curriculum Transparency Legislation. [SB-340, 23-24 Regular Session, 2/10/2023

  • Democrats Backed Legislation  To Address Pennsylvania’s Teacher Shortage Passed In The House. [HB-688, 2023 Regular Session, 3/23/23]

  • Democratic Lawmakers Are Pushing To Expand Teacher Certification To Immigrants And DACA Recipients. [WESA, 4/28/23]

    • The Legislation Also Aims To Make DACA Recipients Eligible For In-State Tuition. [WESA, 4/28/23]

  • Democratic Lawmakers Proposed Legislation That Would Prohibit School Districts From Banning Books Simply Because They Discuss Topics Such As Race And LGBTQ+ Issues. [Memo, 23-24 Regular Session, 4/14/23]

  • Democratic Lawmakers Proposed Legislation To Provide Free Breakfast And Lunch To All Public School Students. “Breakfast and lunch may be on the house for all of Pennsylvania’s 1.74 million public school students when schools reopen beginning in August. Democrats called for the check, proposing companion legislation in the House and Senate to cover the cost of two meals each school day, requesting $275 million from the state budget — less than 1 percent of Gov. Josh Shapiro’s estimated $44.4 billion budget proposal for 2023-24.” [Meadville Tribune, 6/3/23]

  • The Democratic House Passed A Bill To Recruit More Educators by Offering $10K Stipends. “Faced with a rising number of Pennsylvania teachers leaving the profession, state House lawmakers on Thursday passed a bill to recruit more educators by giving student teachers a stipend while they’re in the classroom. The legislation seeks to remove the barriers for prospective teachers, whose work in the classroom usually goes unpaid as they finish their education. The proposal passed 141-62 and now goes on to the Senate.” [U.S. News, 6/22/23]

  • Republican Lawmakers Held Up Funding For State Universities Because They Want More Oversight Of The Research And Medical Care They Provide. “Pennsylvania House Republicans held up funding for state-related universities Monday because they want greater oversight of the institutions, including their research and the medical care they provide. […] Some antiabortion Republicans opposed funding Pitt over its fetal tissue research, and others opposed giving Penn State its annual appropriation due to its health system’s care for transgender children — both of which have become hot-button topics nationwide.” [Philadelphia Inquirer, 6/26/23]

  • Sen. Amanda Cappelletti (D-Delaware/Montgomery) Introduced Legislation To Prohibit Book Bans. “According to a Banned Books Report (2022) done by PEN America, Pennsylvania had 457 banned books in 11 different districts, but one Lawmaker is trying to change that. In response to the rapid banning of books in Pa., Amanda Cappelletti (D-Delaware/Montgomery) has brought forth a bill focused on prohibiting book bans in Pa. libraries.” [, 7/11/23]


  • Senate Democrats Introduced Legislation To Prohibit Source Of Income Discrimination In Real Estate Practices. [SB-124, 23-34 Regular Session, 1/19/23]

  • Senate Democrats Introduced The Preventing Veterans’ Homelessness Act. [SB-89, 23-24 General Session, 1/18/23]

  • House Democrats Introduced The Price Gouging Act, Prohibiting Petroleum Product Price Gouging. [HB 135, 23-24 Regular Session, 3/7/23]

  • Republican Lawmakers Proposed Eliminating The States’ Income Tax. [Memo, 23-24 Regular Session, 4/27/23]

  • The Democratically Controlled House Passed A Proposal To Allocate $100 Million In Federal Funds For Adult Mental Health Services. “A proposal to allocate $100 million in federal funds to pay for adult mental health programs easily passed the Pennsylvania House of Representatives on Wednesday, a plan built on the recommendations of a state commission charged with issuing suggestions for coordinated care. The bill passed 173-30 and was sent to the Senate. A spokesman for Democratic Gov. Josh Shapiro said that he supports the legislation. The American Rescue Plan Act money would bolster the behavioral health industry’s workforce, improve the criminal justice and public safety systems and expand access to support.” [Associated Press, 6/8/23]

  • Democratic Lawmakers In The House Passed Legislation To Establish More Frequent COLA Adjustments For County Pensions. “On Tuesday, the Pennsylvania House passed legislation to establish more frequent cost-of-living adjustments (COLAs) for county pension annuitants. Democratic State Reps. Pat Harkins and Bob Merski, both of Erie, are the sponsors of H.B. 298. The bill would amend the county pension law to give boards more flexibility in setting COLAs.” [Erie News Now, 6/7/23]

Gun Safety

  • Sen. Art Haywood (D, SD-4) Introduced Legislation To Require Licenses In The Sale, Purchase, and Possession Of Firearms. [SB-65, 23-24 Regular Session, 1/19/23]

  • Sen. Vincent Hughs (D, SD-7) Introduced Senate Bill 57 To Expand The List Of Criminal Convictions That Disqualify A Person From Possessing A Firearm. [SB-57, 23-24 Regular Session, 1/19/23]

  • Sen. Vincent Hughs (D, SD-7) Introduced Legislation To Close “Ghost Gun” And 3-D Printed Gun Loopholes. [SB-48, 23-24 Regular Session, 1/19/23]

  • Sen. Vincent Hughs (D, SD-7) Proposed Legislation Would Require Training To Obtain A Concealed Carry Permit. [SB-56, 2023-2024 Regular Session, 1/19/23]

  • Sen. Vincent Hughs (D, SD-7) Introduced Legislation To Eliminate Exceptions To Background Checks. [SB-60, 23-24 Regular Session, 1/19/23]

  • Sen. Vincent Hughs (D, SD-7) Introduced A Bill To Prohibit Firearms In Public Recreation Areas. [SB-53, 23-24 Regular Session, 1/19/23]

  • Senate Democrats Introduced Legislation To Establish And Fund A Center To Research Gun Violence. [SB-59, 23-34 Regular Session, 1/19/23]

  • Democratic Lawmakers Proposed An Assault Weapons Ban. “In a memo to lawmakers on Monday, State Senators Steven Santarsiero (D-Bucks) and John Kane (D-Chester/Delaware) said the ease of access to assault weapons ‘is one element in our society that rises above all others when identifying threats to the health and safety of Pennsylvanians.’” [ABC27 News, 3/20/23]

  • Republican Sen. Doug Mastriano Said He Plans To Introduce A Bill Allowing Teachers To Be Armed At Schools. “Mastriano said his bill would allow school employees to undergo training to possess a Pennsylvania concealed carry permit and be armed on school property.” [ABC 27, 3/29/23]

  • Democratic Lawmakers Proposed Legislation That Would Limit The Number Of Guns An Individual Can Purchase. “New proposed legislation in the Commonwealth would limit the number of handguns a person is able to buy in a certain length of time. Melissa Shusterman (D-Part of Chester County) introduced the legislation to house members in a memo on Wednesday, April 12. Shusterman noted that the legislation is an attempt to combat trafficking via the Iron Pipeline, which is a system of states with weak gun laws that allow individuals to obtain firearms illegally.” [WTAJ, 4/13/23]

  • Democratic Lawmakers Advanced A Red Flag Bill. “Authorities could temporarily seize firearms and background checks would be expanded for gun buyers, under two bills passed Monday in the Pennsylvania House, where Democrats are using their razor-thin majority to push gun-control measures after a yearslong standstill in the politically divided government. […] The ‘red flag’ bill, which would allow a judge to order the seizure of firearms if asked by family members or police, passed on a 102-99 vote, with two Republicans voting alongside Democrats, and one Democrat flipping to vote with Republicans. Nineteen states have similar laws, according to Everytown for Gun Safety, a leading gun control advocacy group.” [Associated Press, 5/22/23]

Health Care

  • Democratic Lawmakers Introduced A Bill Providing For Hospital Pricing Transparency. [SB 83, 23-24 Regular Session, 1/12/23]

  • Democratic Lawmakers Advanced Legislation In The House To Provide $100 Million In Federal Funding For Mental Health Services. “Legislation allocating $100 million in federal funding for mental health services cleared a critical committee hurdle in the state House on Tuesday, putting it on course for a vote by the full chamber. The majority-Democrat House Human Services Committee voted 21-0 to approve legislation sponsored by Rep. Mike Schlossberg, D-Lehigh, that sets down the criteria for spending the one-time infusion of federal American Rescue Plan money.” [Pennsylvania Capital Star, 5/24/23]


  • Senate Democrats Introduced The Family And Medical Leave Act. [SB-64, 23-24 Regular Session, 1/18/23]

  • Sen. Christine M. Tartaglione (D, SD-2) Proposed Senate Bill 36 Which Would Prohibit Sex-Based Discrimination In Pay Rates. [SB-36, 23-24 Regular Session, 1/18/23]

  • Sen. Vincent Hughs (D, SD-7) And Other Senate Democrats Introduced Legislation To Establish Job Training Programs With Pathways To Employment. [SB-42, 23-24 Regular Session, 1/19/23]

  • Senate Democrats Introduced Legislation To Modernize Equal Pay Laws. “In recognition of Equal Pay Day on March 14, two Pennsylvania Senators are seeking to close the gender wage gap by re-introducing legislation to modernize Pennsylvania’s Equal Pay Laws. Senators Steve Santarsiero (D-10) and Maria Collett (D-12) say they will be working to close the gender wage gap. […] In order to help resolve the inequity, SB 421 will update the antiquated Equal Pay Laws to do the following: Broaden the scope of current law to include more employees and fringe benefits. Protect employees from retaliation when asking about wage information, ensuring that the wages are solid and not deceitful. Provide workers the ability to collect unpaid wages when an employer is found to violate the law.” [ABC27 News, 3/13/23]

  • Democratic Lawmakers Introduced Legislation To Extend OSHA Protections To State And Municipal Employees. “Democrats in the Pennsylvania House and Senate have continued their push to extend OSHA protections to state and municipal employees. Sens. Katie Muth (D-Chester/Montgomery/Berks) and Christine Tartaglione (D-Philadelphia) co-hosted a joint public hearing on March 20 at the state capitol with Reps. Ryan Bizzarro (D-Erie) and Patrick Harkins (D-Erie). Currently, public-sector workers in Pennsylvania are covered under Accident and Illness Prevention Programs, with individual agencies permitted to select what components to implement. On March 10, Harkins reintroduced the Jake Schwab Worker Safety Bill (H.B. 299), which would extend OSHA protections to public workers in the state. Schwab, a mechanic with the Erie Metropolitan Transit Authority, was killed on the job in 2014.” [Health & Safety Magazine, 4/14/2023]

  • Democratic Lawmakers Introduced Legislation That Would Establish A Voluntary Retirement Savings Program For Pennsylvania Workers. [HB-844 23-24 Regular Session, 4/10/23]

  • Democratic Lawmakers Proposed An Amendment To The Constitution To Guarantee The Right To Organize. [HB-950, 23-24 Regular Session, 4/17/23]

    • All House Democratic Lawmakers Voted In Favor Of The Proposed Amendment Which Was Passed In The House. “A proposed amendment seeking to enshrine the right to organized labor and collective bargaining in Pennsylvania’s constitution narrowly advanced out of the state House. House Bill 950 passed Wednesday by a vote of 102-99. All Democrats voted in favor while all but one Republican, Rep. Thomas Mehaffie III of Dauphin County, voted in opposition.” [The Herald, 5/3/23]

  • Democratic Lawmakers Introduced Legislation To Provide Workplace Protections From Discrimination Based On A Medical Marijuana Prescription. [HB-984, 2023 Regular Session, 5/31/23]

  • House Democrats Introduced Legislation To Provide Paid Family And Medical Leave. “A bill has been introduced in the Pennsylvania state legislature to create a paid leave program in the state. The bill is currently scheduled for a committee vote on June 6.” [Jacobin, 6/3/23]

  • Democratic Lawmakers Passed Legislation In The House To Establish A State-Based Retirement Savings Program With Automatic Enrollment. “A proposal to establish a state-based retirement savings program with automatic enrollment has cleared the lower chamber of the Pennsylvania State Legislature and is now under consideration by the finance committee of the state Senate. The vote on House Bill 577, which is co-sponsored by several dozen Democratic members, was 106-95, and its supporters are urging speedy consideration and passage of the bill by the Republican-led Senate.” [, 6/5/23]

  • The Democratic-Controlled House Passed A $15 Minimum Wage Bill. “Pennsylvania’s Democratic-controlled House of Representatives approved a measure by a close vote Tuesday that would raise the minimum wage to $15 by 2026, fulfilling a long-held party campaign plank that has run up against Republican legislative majorities for years. The bill passed 103-100 with all but one Democrat voting for it and two Republicans joining them. But it has an uncertain future in the Republican-controlled Senate as lawmakers and Democratic Gov. Josh Shapiro increasingly focus on budget legislation ahead of the July 1 start of the new fiscal year.” [Associated Press, 6/21/23]

LGBTQ+ Rights

  • Republican Sen. Doug Mastriano Posted But Then Withdrew A Memorandum Proposing A Bill That Would Classify Drag Shows As An “Adult-Oriented Business.” [ABC27, 1/24/23]

  • Republican Lawmakers Introduced Legislation To Ban Certain Gender-Affirming Health Care Procedures For Minors. [HB 138, 2023 Regular Session, 3/8/23]

  • Republican Lawmakers Introduced Legislation To Make School Sports Teams To be Expressly Designated Male, Female, Or Coed. [HB 216, 2023 Regular Session, 3/8/23]

  • Republican Lawmakers Introduced The Parental Rights in Education Act, A Bill To Prohibit Instruction On Sexual Orientation And Gender Identity Up to Fifth Grade. []HB 319. 2023 Regular Session, 3/13/23]

  • Democratic Lawmakers Push To Pass The Fairness Act, Legislation To Provide Non-Discrimination Protections For LGBTQ+ Individuals. “The Fairness Act — which seeks to amend Pennsylvania’s Human Relations Act to include sexual orientation and gender identity protections in housing, education, and public accommodations — was introduced in the state House on April 14. The prime sponsors of  the bill, HB300, are state Reps. Malcolm Kenyatta, D-Philadelphia; Jessica Benham, Dan Frankel, and Latasha D. Mayes, all Allegheny County Democrats; Ismail Smith-Wade-El, D-Lancaster, and Greg Scott, D-Montgomery.” [Pennsylvania Capitol Star, 4/17/23]

    • The Bill Passed In The Democratic-Controlled House. “The bill passed 102-98 in the House where Democrats have a razor-thin majority, becoming the first of its kind to see a floor vote. Gov. Josh Shapiro, a Democrat, said he supports it.” [6 ABC, 5/3/23]

  • Democratic Lawmakers Introduced Legislation To Expand The Definition Of A Hate Crime To Include Those Targeting Someone Because Of Their Sexual Or Gender Identity. “State lawmakers unveiled legislation Monday in hopes of better protecting Pennsylvanians targeted by hate. […] Frankel said it’s time to expand the definition of hate crimes in Pennsylvania to include the targeting of someone based on gender or sexual identity or whether they have a disability.” [WGAL 8, 4/24/23]

Reproductive Rights

  • Democratic Lawmakers Said They Would Introduce Legislation To Expand Access To Contraceptives.  “Democratic state lawmakers met in Delaware County on Friday to discuss legislation that they and supporters say would expand access to contraceptives in Pennsylvania amidst a national fight over abortion access and reproductive rights. Rep. Leanne Krueger, D-Delaware, hosted the House Democratic Policy Committee’s hearing. She announced in April that she would introduce a bill — HB 1140 — to expand access to contraceptives in Pennsylvania.” [Pennsylvania Capital Star, 5/12/23]

    • Democratic Lawmakers Introduced Legislation To Expand Access To Contraceptives. [HB-1140, 23-24 Regular Session, 5/18/23]

  • Sen. Judith L. Schwank (D, SD-11) Introduced Senate Bill 237 To Regulate Crisis Pregnancy Centers That Receive State Funding. [SB-237, 23-24 Regular Session, 1/31/23]

  • Republican Legislators Continued To Pursue A Constitutional Amendment That Would Declare The Pennsylvania Constitution Does Not Grant Any Rights Related To Abortion. “Republican legislators have turned to the Constitutional amendment process to advance their policy goals because Democratic Governor Tom Wolf has vetoed many of their priorities. Constitutional amendments do not need the governor’s approval. Instead, if a proposed amendment passes in two consecutive legislative sessions, a referendum of voters is scheduled. […] The following amendments passed the legislature in July 2022 at the end of the last legislative session. There were no public hearings, no expert testimony, and no input from the minority party. In fact, there was little debate at all. These are the proposed amendments: 1. Declare that the Pennsylvania Constitution does not grant any right related to abortion.” [Gettysburg Times, 1/26/23]

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