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  • Republican Assemblyman Gregory Hafen Introduced A Bill To Allow Concealed Carry On School Property. [Nevada Legislature, AB81, introduced, 1/30/23
  • Democratic Assembly Majority Leader Sandra Jauregui Planned To Introduce An Assault Weapons Ban. “A Democratic lawmaker in the Nevada State Assembly plans to file a bill that will raise the age limit to purchase an assault weapon from 18 to 21. Assembly Majority Leader Sandra Jauregui said she’s carrying the bill, though it hasn’t officially been filed yet. It’s still considered a Bill Draft Request (BDR) and simply reads ‘Revises provisions governing the prevention of firearm violence’ on the Nevada Legislature website.” [3News, 2/3/23


  • Sen. Skip Daily Introduced Legislation To Criminalize Fake Elector Schemes In Nevada. “In a bid to strengthen Nevada election laws, Democratic Sen. Skip Daly has requested a bill that would criminalize so-called “fake elector” schemes, such as the 2020 plot that saw self-designated Republican electors seek to pledge Nevada’s electoral votes to then-President Donald Trump, despite him losing the popular vote to Democrat Joe Biden.”  [Nevada Independent, 1/18/23; Nevada Legislature, SB133, introduced, 2/14/23
  • Nevada Republicans Lawmakers Are Trying To Limit Mail-In Ballot Acceptance Up To Election Day, Instead Of Current Law Which Allows For Acceptance Up To Four Days After. “ Nevada Republicans formally submitted a proposal Wednesday to limit the acceptance of mail-in ballots to Election Day and not four days after an election as is current state law. […] Republican Gov. Joe Lombardo said in his State of the State Address in January that he would support such a measure. Republican Assem. Gregory Hafen II, of Pahrump, introduced similar legislation in February. Hafen’s bill would also require voter identification.” [8NewsNow, 3/2/23
  • Democratic Lawmakers Introduced Assembly Bill 59 Which Allows Election Workers To Keep Certain Information Confidential To Protect Them From Harassment. “Assembly Bill 59, for instance, would allow state election workers to request that certain personal information be kept confidential and allows them to request that the Department of Motor Vehicles display an alternate address on their driver’s license, commercial driver’s license or state identification card.”[Las Vegas Review-Journal, 1/27/23
  • Democratic Secretary Of State Cisco Aguilar Is Pushing A Bill Make It A Felony To Threaten Election Workers. “Aguilar has talked extensively about pushing a bill making it a felony to harass, intimidate or threaten election workers or volunteers. On Friday, he is expected to introduce a bill adding “state election officials” to the list of people who can request their addresses be kept confidential, which is already granted for county and city clerks.” [KNUR, 3/3/23]
  • Republican Assemblyman Gregory Hafen II Is Planning On Introducing Legislation To Require An ID To Vote And Increase Penalties For Voter Fraud. “Assemblyman Gregory Hafen II, R-Pahrump, is introducing legislation that will require an ID to vote as well as increase penalties for committing voter fraud.”  [Las Vegas Review-Journal, 1/27/23

Reproductive Rights

  • Senate Democrats Announced Plans To Introduce Legislation To Codify The States Protections For Out-Of-State Abortion Patients And Providers.  “Senate Majority Leader Nicole Cannizzaro is set to introduce legislation that would codify former Gov. Steve Sisolak’s executive order protecting out-of-state abortion patients and health care providers who provide abortions…The executive order, which was signed by Sisolak in June, blocks any Nevada agency from providing information or using resources to assist out-of-state authorities investigating individuals who seek an abortion in the state and the providers who perform the procedure. The order also protects health care professionals from being disciplined by medical boards for performing abortions. [Las Vegas Review-Journal, 1/19/23]
    • Cannizzaro Introduced The Bill In Early February. “‘Since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, we know that health care rights — reproductive health care rights — have been under the attack,’ Cannizzaro said in a one-minute video posted to Twitter Thursday. ‘Here in Nevada, we want (patients and abortion providers) to know that they’re safe. We’re going to protect our health care providers. We’re going to protect people who are seeking reproductive health care right here in Nevada, and this bill is our first step.’” [Las Vegas Review Journal, 2/9/23


  • Nevada Legislative Democrats Proposed Adding $250 Million To The State’s Education Budget To Provide Raises For Teachers. “Democrats in the state Senate and Assembly announced a proposal to add $250 million to the state’s education budget to help provide raises for Nevada teachers and education support staff in an effort to address a record number of teacher vacancies. The proposal announced Friday would dedicate a minimum of $250 million to match allocations within school districts’ budgets for teacher and staff raises up to a certain percentage.” [Nevada Independent, 2/3/23]
  • Democratic Assemblywoman Sandra Jauregui (D-Clark County) Introduced Legislation To Put $53 Million Dollars To Provide Universal School Lunches. “A $53 million proposal to provide lunch and breakfast for all Nevada students was introduced Tuesday at the Nevada Legislature in Carson City. Democratic Assemblywoman Sandra Jauregui (D-Clark County) introduced a bill draft request to pay for a “Universal School Breakfast and Lunch Program.” It will ensure that every student in the state has access to a healthy breakfast and lunch at school, whether their family can pay for it or not.” [8NewsNow, 2/14/2023
    • Democrats Have  A Supermajority In The Assembly But Are One Short Of A Supermajority In The Senate. “Even if Democrats are not keen on the idea of more money for Opportunity Scholarships, Lombardo enters the session with a key bargaining chip in his pocket — the power of the veto. Though Democrats have a supermajority in the Assembly (28 Democrats to 14 Republicans), they fall one short in the Senate (13 Democrats to 8 Republicans), meaning they’d need to rely on at least one Republican defector to override a gubernatorial veto.” [Nevada Independent, 2/3/23]


  • Nevada Senate Democrat Introduced Legislation To Pay Prison Workers An Hourly Wage Equivalent To The State Minimum Wage. “Nevada inmates may be working for as little as 35 cents an hour and having significant portions of their checks withheld by the Nevada Department of Corrections. State Sen. Dina Neal, D-North Las Vegas, wants to change that. She has introduced Senate Bill 187, which would require the Nevada Department of Corrections to pay inmates an hourly wage equivalent to the state minimum wage (currently $9.50 or $10.50 an hour). According to a breakdown of salary ranges provided by NDOC, inmate pay can be as low as 35 cents per hour, depending on the position.” [Nevada Current, 3/10/23]

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