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Gun Safety Key Legislation – 2024

  • Colorado Democratic Legislators Advanced An Assault Weapons Ban. [Colorado General Assembly, 2024 Regular Session, HB24-1292, advanced 3/19/24; CPR News, 2/14/24]
  • Georgia Republican Senators Passed A Bill To Create A Sales Tax Holiday For Gun Sales In October, Sending The Bill To The House. [Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 2/6/24]
  • Michigan Democratic Lawmakers Passed Legislation To Ban Firearm Possession At Absentee Ballot Counting Locations, As Well As Ban The Open Carry Of Firearms At Voting Locations, Ballot Drop Boxes, And Absentee Voting Locations. [Detroit Free Press, 2/29/24; Michigan Legislature, 2023-2024 Legislative Session, HB4127, passed Senate 2/29/24; Michigan Legislature, 2023-2024 Legislative Session, HB4128, passed Senate 2/29/24]
  • Democratic Lawmakers In New Hampshire Are Pushing Red Flag Laws And Waiting Periods For Purchases As Firearm Safety Measures. [WMUR, 1/3/24]
    • Senate Republicans Blocked The Effort To Enact A Red Flag Law. [Seacoast Online, 2/17/24]
  • New Hampshire Democratic Senators Introduced Legislation To Require Background Checks For Firearm Purchases. [SB 571, 2024 Regular Session, introduced, 1/3/24]
    • Senate Republicans Blocked The Effort To Expand Background Checks For Firearm Purchases. [Seacoast Online, 2/17/24]
  • Pennsylvania Democratic House Lawmakers Introduced A Gun Control Package Which Includes Bills To Ban Sales Of Automatic Guns And Prohibit The Production Of Untraceable Gun Parts. [WTAJ, 2/7/24]
  • Wisconsin Senate Republican Lawmakers Sponsored Legislation To Create Exceptions To The Decades-Old Gun-Free School Zone Law. [WPR, 1/16/24]
  • Virginia Democratic Lawmakers  Passed A Bill To Ban The Sale Of Assault Weapons That Will Now Head To The Governor. [Virginia General Assembly, HB 2, Senate substitute passed House 3/1/24]
  • Virginia Democratic Lawmakers Passed A Bill To Close The “Boyfriend Loophole” By Creating A Misdemeanor For Purchasing Or Possessing A Gun After Being Convicted Of Assault And Battery Against A Partner, Sending The Bill To The Governor. [Virginia Scope, 2/5/24] [Virginia General Assembly, SB 642, enrolled 2/28/24]
  • Virginia Democratic Lawmakers Passed A Bill To Require A Five-Day Waiting Period For Firearms Purchases, Sending The Bill To The Governor. [Virginia General Assembly, SB 273, final passage 2/21/24]

Gun Safety Key Legislation – 2023


  • A Bill That Would Require Gun Owners To Secure Firearms And Ammunition Has Been Introduced By House Democrats. [Arizona Legislature, 2023 Regular Session, HB 2192, introduced 1/25/23]
  • A Bill That Would Prohibit Those Who Have Been Convicted Of Domestic Violence Offenses, Offenses Committed Involving Use, Attempted Use, Or Threatened Use Of A Deadly Weapon, And Those Subject To Orders Of Protection From Owning And/Or Possessing Firearms Was Introduced By House Democrats. [Arizona Legislature, 2023 Regular Session, HB 2179, introduced 1/25/23]
  • Bills That Would Place Increased Regulations On Who Is Allowed To Sell Or Transfer Firearms, And Places More Requirements Including Background Checks And Waiting Periods Are Being Proposed By House Democrats. [Arizona Legislature, 2023 Regular Session, HB 2182, introduced 1/23/23; Arizona Legislature, 2023 Regular Session, HB 2180, introduced 1/25/23]
  • Republican Lawmakers Passed A Bill That Allows Parents To Carry A Firearm On School Property. [Arizona Legislature, 2023 Regular Session, SB 1331, Transmitted to Governor 4/12/23]
    • Gov. Hobbs Vetoed The Bill.  [Arizona Legislature, 2023 Regular Session, SB 1331, Vetoed 4/17/23]
  • Senate Republicans Passed A Bill That Prohibits Colleges And Universities From Banning Concealed Weapons. [Arizona Legislature, 2023 Regular Session, SB 1300, Senate Passed 3/2/23]
  • Republican Lawmakers Passed A Bill Legalizing Gun Silencers. [Arizona Legislature, 2023 Regular Session, SB 1109, Transmitted to Governor 4/5/23]
    • Gov. Hobbs Vetoed The Bill. [Arizona Legislature, 2023 Regular Session, SB 1109, Vetoed 4/11/23]


  • California Democratic Lawmakers Were Expected To Introduce A Proposed Amendment To The U.S. Constitution To Restrict Gun Ownership. “Gov. Gavin Newsom is seeking an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would restrict gun ownership — a daunting and likely quixotic response to the deadliest wave of mass shootings in U.S. history that would nonetheless position California as the most aggressive state in the union on gun control. […]Newsom and the state Legislature in Sacramento are set to kickoff a nationwide process that would require support from 34 states to trigger a convention. California state Sen. Aisha Wahab, (D-Hayward), and Assemblymember Reggie Jones-Sawyer (D-Los Angeles) are expected to carry the bill, backed by a host of outside gun-safety groups.” [Politico, 6/8/23]


  • Colorado Democratic Lawmakers Passed Legislation To Raise The Minimum Age To Purchase A Gun And Expand Who Can File An Extreme Risk Protection Order Under The State’s Red Flag Law. “On Monday, the Colorado legislature gave its final approval to two Democratic gun bills, the first measures to pass from a package of stricter gun laws lawmakers have proposed this session. Their next stop is Gov. Jared Polis’ desk. The two bills will: Raise the age to purchase any type of firearm to 21[.[ Add district attorneys, educators, health care providers, and licensed mental health professionals to the list of people who can file an Extreme Risk Protection Order to temporarily remove someone’s guns[.]” [Colorado Public Radio, 4/3/23]
  • Colorado Lawmkaers Passed A Bill To Ban Ghost Guns. “Senate Bill 23-279 bans the sale and possession of unserialized firearms, commonly referred to as ghost guns, that are often assembled with do-it-yourself kits. Law enforcement, which largely backed the bill, say untraceable ghost guns are increasingly used in crime. Polis has yet to sign the bill.”  [Colorado Newsline, 5/11/23]


  • Connecticut Democratic Lawmakers Passed A Bill To Ban Open Carry, Strengthen Rules For Gun Storage And Reporting Stolen Firearms, And Expand The State’s Assault Weapons Ban. “The Senate voted 24-11 early Saturday for final passage of the first comprehensive update of Connecticut’s gun laws since the sweeping reforms enacted a decade ago in response to the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The bill proposed by Gov. Ned Lamont would ban the open carry of firearms, strengthen rules for gun storage and reporting stolen firearms, and expand a ban on AR-15s and other so-called assault weapons passed in 1993 and updated in 2013.” [CT Mirror, 6/3/23]


  • Florida Lawmakers Passed A Permitless Carry Bill, Sending It To The Governor. “Florida’s Republican-controlled Legislature passed a bill Thursday to allow people to carry concealed loaded weapons anywhere without permits. The bill now goes to Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis, who has repeatedly indicated he will sign it. The measure would scrap existing requirements for concealed weapons permits, including an extra layer of background checks, licensing and firearms training.” [NBC News, 3/30/23]
    • The Governor Signed The Bill Into Law. “With little fanfare, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed legislation Monday allowing residents to carry a concealed loaded weapon without a permit.” [NBC News, 4/3/23]


  • Republican Legislators Have Introduced Or Proposed At Least Three Bills Aimed At Allowing Teachers And School Employees To Be Armed, As Well As Funding Armed Security In Schools. “Republican lawmakers are proposing arming teachers and school security guards in Maine as a response to school shootings across the country. […] In response, the co-chair for the legislature’s gun safety caucus, a Democrat, released a statement. ‘We all want to keep our children safe in schools. It is our top priority. But our caucus believes that putting guns in the classroom is not the way to do it, and the teachers we have spoken with are not in favor of this measure.’” [Fox23 Maine, 2/1/23]
    • All Three Bills Failed In The House. [State of Maine Legislature, 131st Maine Legislature, First Regular Session, LD 52, Voted Ought Not to Pass, 6/13/23; State of Maine Legislature, 131st Maine Legislature, First Regular Session, LD 518, Voted Ought Not to Pass, 6/12/23; State of Maine Legislature, 131st Maine Legislature, First Regular Session, LD 1557, Voted Ought Not to Pass, 6/8/23]
  • Republican Lawmakers Had Several Bills Heard Aimed At Making It Easier For People To Own A Gun, Including Barring Maintaining Records Related To Firearm Owners, Prohibiting The State Enforcement Of Federal Firearm Laws, And Allowing Those Convicted Of Certain Felonies To Obtain Firearms. “Meanwhile, Second Amendment supporters said more needs to be done to give gun owners more freedom, like Bruce Ashmore of Bucksport. Ashmore said he is a member of the Gun Owners of Maine and hosts gun safety training events around the state. […] He said a bill that hits close to home is LD 1561, which would reinstate the right to own a gun to some people previously convicted of felonies.” [News Center Maine, 5/8/23]
    • Four Bills, Including Legislation To Bar Maintaining Records Related To Firearm Owners, Prohibiting State Enforcement Of Federal Firearm Laws, And Allowing Firearms To Be Discharged Near Schools, Failed In The House. [State of Maine Legislature, 131st Maine Legislature, First Regular Session, LD 551, Voted Ought Not to Pass, 6/16/23; State of Maine Legislature, 131st Maine Legislature, First Regular Session, LD 624, Voted Ought Not to Pass, 6/20/23; State of Maine Legislature, 131st Maine Legislature, First Regular Session, LD 943, Voted Ought Not to Pass, 6/15/23; State of Maine Legislature, 131st Maine Legislature, First Regular Session, LD 1451, Voted Ought Not to Pass, 6/20/23]
    • A Bill To Allow Those With Felony Convictions To Own Firearms Did Not Pass Before The End Of Session. [State of Maine Legislature, 131st Maine Legislature, First Regular Session, LD 1561, accessed 7/11/23]
  • Democratic Lawmakers Had Two Bills Heard, One Of Which Would Prohibit The Sale Of Rapid Fire Modification Devices For Firearms, And One That Would Require Reporting Of Stolen Firearms. “‘I think there is always a passionate debate when talking about firearms,’ Rep. Vicki Doudera, a Democrat from Camden, said. Doudera is the sponsor of LD 1011, which would mandate people report their firearms stolen to authorities. ‘By simply reporting a stolen firearm, we can help law enforcement track them down,’ she said.” [News Center Maine, 5/8/23]
    • Both Bills Failed To Pass. [State of Maine Legislature, 131st Maine Legislature, First Regular Session, LD 1340, Voted Ought Not to Pass, 6/20/23; State of Maine Legislature, 131st Maine Legislature, First Regular Session, LD 1011, Voted Ought Not to Pass, 6/16/23]


  • A Democratic Lawmaker Introduced A Sweeping Bill Aimed At Reigning In Ghost Guns And Limiting Where A Person  Could Carry A Gun. “New tracking and monitoring systems, an explicit ban on carrying firearms in many public spaces and licensing changes headline a sweeping new gun safety bill unveiled by a top House Democrat on Monday. A little more than a year after a U.S. Supreme Court ruling effectively overturned concealed carry laws in Massachusetts and several other states, Judiciary Committee Co-chair Rep. Michael Day filed a voluminous proposal ranging from new offenses for firing a weapon at or near a dwelling to regulations aimed at reining in the spread of untraceable ‘ghost guns.’ […] The bill would also call for a new law enforcement database tracking guns used in crimes, surrendered or seized, addressing an issue that Day described as agencies not ‘talking to each other as they should be.’ Another section makes explicit a prohibition on carrying firearms in schools, colleges, universities, government buildings and polling places as well as any private property — including for residential, commercial and industrial uses — where an owner has not given consent.” [WBUR, 6/27/23]


  • The Michigan House Passed A Package Of Bills Requiring Safe Storage Of Guns. “The Democratic-led Michigan House on Wednesday passed legislation requiring the safe storage of firearms.  The legislative package, which consisted of four Senate bills and four House bills, passed with varying support from Republicans. The House and Senate have passed other gun reform bills in recent weeks in the wake of the Feb. 13 mass shooting at Michigan State University. House Bills 4144 and 4139 would require unattended firearms to be safely stored if accessible by a minor and update the sentencing guidelines, respectively, while House Bills 4141 and 4140 would remove sales and use taxes from firearm safety device purchases, such as safes, lock boxes and trigger and barrel locks, through the end of 2024.” [Michigan Advance, 3/23/23]
    • Gov. Whitmer Signed The Bills Into Law. “The new laws, which take effect next year, will expand background check requirements for firearm purchases and institute storage standards for guns kept in homes where children are present. ‘All of these initiatives are supported by a majority of Michiganders,’ Whitmer said. ‘I’ve gotten letters from all across our state asking for us to get this done.’” [The Detroit News, 4/13/23]
  • Democratic Lawmakers Passed A “Red Flag” Bill, Sending It To The Governor’s Desk. “Michigan Democrats in the state Legislature took the final step to pass gun safety measures Gov. Gretchen Whitmer asked for at the start of the year with votes on bills to establish a so-called ‘red flag’ law, empowering courts to temporarily remove guns from those posing a danger to themselves or others. Whitmer last week signed into law the two other parts of the trio of legislation she demanded to curb gun violence in Michigan: legislation to expand background checks to all firearm purchases and create penalties for those who fail to keep guns out of the hands of children.” [Detroit Free Press, 4/19/23]
    • Gov. Whitmer Signed The Bill Into Law. “Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer gave final approval Monday afternoon to a red flag law that aims to keep firearms away from those at risk of harming themselves or others as the state grapples with ways to slow gun violence in the wake of its second mass school shooting. Michigan joined Minnesota as the second state in under a week to implement a red flag law after Democrats in both states won control of both chambers and the governor’s office in November. New Mexico previously was the last state to pass a red flag law in 2020.” [PBS, 5/22/23]
  • Michigan Democrats Planned To Introduce A Pair Of Bills To Suspend Someone’s Access To Guns If They Were Convicted Of Misdemeanor Domestic Violence Or Subject To A Personal Protective Order. “Some Michigan lawmakers, seeking to reduce deaths stemming from domestic violence, want to tighten restrictions on accused and convicted abusers to gain access to firearms.  Sen. Stephanie Chang, D-Detroit, and Rep. Amos O’Neal, D-Saginaw, plan to introduce a pair of bills in September that would suspend someone’s access to guns if they are convicted of a misdemeanor of domestic violence or subject to a personal protection order. Under the legislation, those subject to the ban would be prohibited from buying, owning or transporting firearms for eight years, Chang told Bridge Michigan on Monday.” [Bridge Michigan, 8/15/23]


  • Minnesota DFL Lawmakers Passed A Public Safety Package That Included A Red Flag Law And Expanded Background Checks. “Driving the news: The DFL-majority House gave final approval early Tuesday to a public safety package that includes a “red flag” law and expanded background checks for private gun sales. […] What happened: Both measures were ultimately folded into the final version of a sweeping budget bill that includes $880 million in new spending for public safety and the courts, along with other police reforms and crime prevention programs. It passed the Senate in a 34-33 vote last week, with all Democrats voting yes.” [Axios Twin Cities, 5/16/23]
    • The Governor Signed The Legislation. [Walker Orenstein, Twitter, 5/19/23]


  • Nebraska Lawmakers Passed A Bill To Allow Permitless, Concealed Carry. “Nebraska lawmakers passed a bill Wednesday to allow people to carry concealed guns in the state without a permit, just as national attention has ramped up over gun violence in the wake of several mass shootings, including the killing last month of six people at a Tennessee school. Despite opponents filibustering the bill for 14 hours over three rounds of debate this session, lawmakers voted 33-14 to pass the so-called constitutional carry bill. The bill does not usurp the federal requirement for a background check to buy a gun, and those with a history of crime or mental health issues that bar them from possessing a gun would still be barred under the Nebraska bill. But it allows eligible people to carry guns hidden in their clothing or vehicle without having to pay for a government permit or take a gun safety course, which is currently required. It also overrides stricter gun laws in the state’s cities, including in the state’s largest city of Omaha, which requires a conceal carry license for anyone carrying a gun in a car — even if the gun is in open view.” [Associated Press, 4/19/23]


  • Republican Assemblyman Gregory Hafen Introduced A Bill To Allow Concealed Carry On School Property. [Nevada Legislature, AB81, introduced, 1/30/23
  • Democratic Assembly Majority Leader Sandra Jauregui Planned To Introduce An Assault Weapons Ban. “A Democratic lawmaker in the Nevada State Assembly plans to file a bill that will raise the age limit to purchase an assault weapon from 18 to 21. Assembly Majority Leader Sandra Jauregui said she’s carrying the bill, though it hasn’t officially been filed yet. It’s still considered a Bill Draft Request (BDR) and simply reads ‘Revises provisions governing the prevention of firearm violence’ on the Nevada Legislature website.” [3News, 2/3/23
  • Democratic Lawmakers Passed 3 Bills To Prohibit People Under 21 From Possessing Or Purchasing Semiautomatic Guns, Prohibit People From Carrying A Gun Near An Election Site, And Bar People Convicted Of Hate Crimes From Owning Guns. “Bills that would bar people younger than 21 from possessing or purchasing semiautomatic firearms and prohibit people from possessing a firearm near an election site are headed to the governor’s desk after lawmakers passed the legislation Monday afternoon. […] In the Assembly, lawmakers voted 27-14 on party lines to advance Senate Bill 171, which would bar a person convicted of committing or attempting to commit a hate crime involving violence in the past 10 years from possessing, purchasing or owning a firearm.” [Las Vegas Review-Journal, 5/15/23]
    • The Republican Governor Vetoed All Three Bills. “Republican Gov. Joe Lombardo on Wednesday vetoed a trio of gun control legislation passed by Democrats. Assembly Bill 355 would have raised the age of possessing semi-automatic firearms from 18 to 21, Senate Bill 171 would have prohibited people convicted of hate crimes from possessing a firearm, and Assembly Bill 354 would have prohibited bringing a gun to voting place.” [Nevada Current, 5/17/23]

New Hampshire

  • Representative Jason Gerhard (R, Merrimack – 25) Introduced Legislation That Would Allow Certain Non-Violent Ex-Felons The Right To Own Firearms. [HB-144, 23-24 Regular Session, 1/4/23]
  • Seven House Democrats Proposed A Bill That Would Impose A Waiting Period Between The Purchase And Delivery Of A Firearm. [HB-76, 23-24 Regular Session, 1/4/23]
    • House Republicans Blocked The Bill. [HB-76, 23-24 Regular Session, 1/4/23]

New Mexico

  • Democratic Lawmakers Introduced HB-101 To Prohibit The Possession Of  Large-Capacity Magazines And Assault Weapons. [HB-101, 2023 Regular Session, 1/19/23]
    • The Bill Did Not Advance. [HB-101, 2023 Regular Session, Introduced  1/19/23]
  • Democratic Lawmakers Introduced HB-50 To Prohibit Possession Of Large Capacity Gun Magazines. [HB-50, 2023 Regular Session, 1/18/23]
    • The Bill Did Not Advance. [HB-50, 2023 Regular Session, Introduced 1/18/23]
  • Two Democratic Lawmakers Introduced Legislation In The House To Require A 14-Day Waiting Period For Firearm Sales. [HB-100, 2023 Regular Session, 1/19/23]
    • The Bill Did Not Advance. [HB-100, 2023 Regular Session, Introduced 1/19/23]
  • House Democrats Passed A Law That Would Hold Parents Liable For Minors Negligently Gaining Access To Firearms. [KRQE News 13, 2/20/23]
    • HB-9 Was Signed By The Governor On March 9, 2023. [HB-9, 2023 Regular Session, Introduced 1/18/23]
  • Rep. John Block (R, HD-51) Introduced Constitutional Carry Legislation. [HB-164, 2023 Regular Session, 1/24/23]
    • The Bill Did Not Advance. [HB-164, 2023 Regular Session, Introduced 1/24/23]
  • A Republican Lawmaker Proposed Legislation To Allow Concealed Carry In Restaurants And Bars. [HB-114, 2023 Regular Session, 1/19/23]
    • The Bill Did Not Advance. [HB-114, 2023 Regular Session, Introduced 1/19/23]

North Carolina

  • Democratic Lawmakers Introduced A Package Of Gun Safety Bills, Including Permit Requirements, Safe Storage Laws, And Extreme Risk Protection Orders. “A group of North Carolina Democrats introduced multiple gun safety bills Tuesday, including measures that would require purchase permits for rifles and allow law enforcement to destroy certain weapons seized from violent offenders or voluntarily surrendered to police. State Reps. Marcia Morey (Durham), Julie von Haefen (Wake), Pricey Harrison (Guilford) and Sen. Natasha Marcus (Mecklenburg) announced four new bills designed to reduce gun violence and deaths across North Carolina. The lawmakers were joined by several other members of the General Assembly, as well as local law enforcement officials from across the state to unveil the measures.” [WCNC, 3/7/23]
  • Republican Lawmakers Passed Legislation That Repeals The Permit Requirement For Handguns And Authorizes Carrying A Handgun In A Place Of Religious Worship Under Certain Circumstances.. “Under the bill, county sheriffs would no longer be required to perform evaluations of an applicant’s character and mental wellness and ensure that the gun will be used lawfully. […] But Democrats raised alarms that the repeal would create a loophole that could allow criminals or people with mental illnesses to more easily obtain weapons. Background checks are not mandatory for private gun sales between two individuals, which only require buyers to obtain a sheriff-issued permit, or face a misdemeanor charge. ‘We currently have something in place that I will say does save lives,’ Rep. Marcia Morey, a Durham County Democrat, said during floor debate. ‘Let’s not repeal it and take off that layer of protection.’” [ABC 11, 2/22/23; North Carolina General Assembly, 2023-2024 Session, S41, Veto Overridden, 3/29/23]
  • Gov. Cooper Vetoed Senate Bill 41. “‘Eliminating strong background checks will allow more domestic abusers and other dangerous people to own handguns and reduces law enforcement’s ability to stop them from committing violent crimes,’ Cooper, a Democrat, said in a press release. ‘Second Amendment supporting, responsible gun owners know this will put families and communities at risk.’” [The Carolina Journal, 3/24/23]
    • The House Republican Majority Overrode Gov. Cooper’s Veto. “North Carolina residents can now buy a handgun without getting a permit from a local sheriff, after the Republican-controlled legislature on Wednesday overrode the Democratic governor’s veto — a first since 2018. […] The permit repeal takes effect immediately. Cooper and Democratic lawmakers warned it allows more dangerous people to obtain weapons through private sales, which do not require a background check, and limits law enforcement’s ability to prevent them from committing violent crimes.” [AP News, 3/29/23]


  • Oregon Democratic Lawmakers Introduced A Bill To Ban Ghost Guns. “The gun control bills introduced and awaiting hearings include: – House Bill 2005 would prohibit ghost guns, which are untraceable, and generally assembled at home with parts typically bought online. They also lack commercial serial numbers. The bill also would ban other untraceable guns, such as 3D printed firearms.” [Oregon Live, 3/6/23]
    • Democratic Lawmakers In The Senate Passed The Ghost Gun Ban After Amendments, Sending The Bill Back To The House For A Final Vote. “The Senate then voted 17 to 3 to pass the bill hours later, with nine lawmakers absent and one excused. Those who voted against it were Senate Minority Leader Tim Knopp, R-Bend, and Sens. Dick Anderson, R-Lincoln City, and Lynn Findley, R-Vale. The bill now goes to the House floor for a vote, where it’s expected to be approved and then signed into law by Gov. Tina Kotek. Oregon would become the ninth state in the nation to ban ghost guns.” [Oregon Live, 6/15/23]


  • Sen. Art Haywood (D, SD-4) Introduced Legislation To Require Licenses In The Sale, Purchase, and Possession Of Firearms. [SB-65, 23-24 Regular Session, 1/19/23]
  • Sen. Vincent Hughs (D, SD-7) Introduced Senate Bill 57 To Expand The List Of Criminal Convictions That Disqualify A Person From Possessing A Firearm. [SB-57, 23-24 Regular Session, 1/19/23]
  • Sen. Vincent Hughs (D, SD-7) Introduced Legislation To Close “Ghost Gun” And 3-D Printed Gun Loopholes. [SB-48, 23-24 Regular Session, 1/19/23]
  • Sen. Vincent Hughs (D, SD-7) Proposed Legislation Would Require Training To Obtain A Concealed Carry Permit. [SB-56, 2023-2024 Regular Session, 1/19/23]
  • Sen. Vincent Hughs (D, SD-7) Introduced Legislation To Eliminate Exceptions To Background Checks. [SB-60, 23-24 Regular Session, 1/19/23]
  • Sen. Vincent Hughs (D, SD-7) Introduced A Bill To Prohibit Firearms In Public Recreation Areas. [SB-53, 23-24 Regular Session, 1/19/23]
  • Senate Democrats Introduced Legislation To Establish And Fund A Center To Research Gun Violence. [SB-59, 23-34 Regular Session, 1/19/23]
  • Democratic Lawmakers Proposed An Assault Weapons Ban. “In a memo to lawmakers on Monday, State Senators Steven Santarsiero (D-Bucks) and John Kane (D-Chester/Delaware) said the ease of access to assault weapons ‘is one element in our society that rises above all others when identifying threats to the health and safety of Pennsylvanians.’” [ABC27 News, 3/20/23]
  • Republican Sen. Doug Mastriano Said He Plans To Introduce A Bill Allowing Teachers To Be Armed At Schools. “Mastriano said his bill would allow school employees to undergo training to possess a Pennsylvania concealed carry permit and be armed on school property.” [ABC 27, 3/29/23]
  • Democratic Lawmakers Proposed Legislation That Would Limit The Number Of Guns An Individual Can Purchase. “New proposed legislation in the Commonwealth would limit the number of handguns a person is able to buy in a certain length of time. Melissa Shusterman (D-Part of Chester County) introduced the legislation to house members in a memo on Wednesday, April 12. Shusterman noted that the legislation is an attempt to combat trafficking via the Iron Pipeline, which is a system of states with weak gun laws that allow individuals to obtain firearms illegally.” [WTAJ, 4/13/23]
  • Democratic Lawmakers Advanced A Red Flag Bill. “Authorities could temporarily seize firearms and background checks would be expanded for gun buyers, under two bills passed Monday in the Pennsylvania House, where Democrats are using their razor-thin majority to push gun-control measures after a yearslong standstill in the politically divided government. […] The ‘red flag’ bill, which would allow a judge to order the seizure of firearms if asked by family members or police, passed on a 102-99 vote, with two Republicans voting alongside Democrats, and one Democrat flipping to vote with Republicans. Nineteen states have similar laws, according to Everytown for Gun Safety, a leading gun control advocacy group.” [Associated Press, 5/22/23]

South Carolina

  • The Republican-Majority South Carolina House Passed A Permitless Carry Bill. “The Republican-controlled South Carolina House voted overwhelmingly Wednesday to allow lawful firearm owners to carry handguns openly or concealed without a state permit. The 90-30 vote brings the conservative state one step closer to joining 25 others with some form of so-called ‘constitutional carry’ laws. The fate of the state’s latest effort to loosen gun restrictions once more falls to the Senate, where lawmakers rejected a similar proposal two years ago.” [Associated Press, 2/23/23]


  • Tennessee Republican Lawmakers Advanced A Bill That Would Significantly Expand Access To Guns By Lowering The Minimum Age And Allowing Concealed Carry Permit Holders To Carry Long Guns. “A bill that would significantly expand access to guns in Tennessee is one step closer to becoming law. This week House Bill 1005 by Rep. Rusty Grills (R—Newbern) would allow Tennesseans with an enhanced or a concealed carry permit to carry long guns, including AR-15 rifles or shotguns. Currently, state law prohibits people with those permits from carrying anything more than handguns. The proposed bill would replace all instances of ‘handguns’ in the code to ‘firearms.’ The bill would also recognize the carry permits, including ‘handgun permit, firearms permit, weapons permit, or license’ from another state as valid ‘as if it is a firearm carry permit issued in this state.’ During a House committee meeting Wednesday, the bill was further amended to also lower the permissive age from 21 to 18.” [WKRN, 3/16/23]
  • Republican Lawmakers In The Tennessee House Advanced A Bill That Would Allow Teachers To Carry Guns In Classrooms. “Republican lawmakers in Tennessee advanced a bill through a House committee on Wednesday that would allow teachers to carry firearms in their classrooms – a move being criticized by Democrats, civil rights leaders and gun safety advocates as tone deaf in the wake of a shooting last week at a Nashville elementary school that killed three 9-year-olds and three school staff members.” [US News, 4/5/23]
  • Tennessee Republican Lawmakers Passed A Bill That Would Further Protect Gun And Ammunition Dealers, Manufacturers, And Sellers Against Lawsuits. “In the wake of a deadly school shooting last month, Republican lawmakers in Tennessee awarded final passage Tuesday to a proposal that would further protect gun and ammunition dealers, manufacturers and sellers against lawsuits. The Senate’s 19-9 vote sends the bill to Republican Gov. Bill Lee, despite pushback from Democratic lawmakers saying their GOP counterparts are trying to shield gun companies just weeks after the Nashville school shooting that killed six people, including three 9-year-olds.” [Associated Press, 4/19/23]
  • A Democratic Lawmaker Introduced A Red Flag Bill And A Safe Storage Bill Ahead Of A Special Session Following A School Shooting In Nashville. “Tennessee lawmakers return to the state Capitol today to start a special session focused on public safety and mental health. Gov. Bill Lee called the General Assembly back to work in the wake of the Covenant School shooting in March, which left six people dead. All summer, groups have weighed in on the issue, with many urging the governor and lawmakers to act. […] Among the bills is HB 7100 by Rep. Bob Freeman, D-Nashville, to establish a temporary transfer law to temporarily block a dangerous person from accessing firearms. The effort is unlikely to pass without Republican support, and GOP lawmakers have staunchly refused to do so. The Action Fund also endorsed HB 7075 from Freeman, which requires anyone purchasing a gun or applying for a handgun permit to sign an affidavit swearing to secure the gun when not carrying it.” [Nashville Tennessean, 8/21/23]


  • Bills Introduced By Texas Democratic Lawmakers To Raise The Age At Which A Person Could By Firearms, Create A Red Flag Law, And Implement Safe Storage Of Firearms Did Not Move Forward. “For more than a year, families impacted by the Uvalde massacre and other gun safety advocates have frequently traveled to the Texas Capitol. They called on lawmakers to raise the age to purchase an assault-style rifle from 18 to 21. The gunman in Uvalde purchased two AR-15s as soon as he turned 18. Republican representatives Justin Holland of Rockwall and Sam Harless of Spring sided with Democrats to advance the so-called raise-the-age bill out of committee. It was a brief moment of relief for the Uvalde families, but the bill didn’t go any further because there wasn’t enough Republican support. […] Democrats also filed bills that would have created red flag laws, implemented safe gun storage requirements and mandated licensed sellers to report multiple semi-automatic weapon purchases to law enforcement. None of these bills made it far in the legislative process.” [Spectrum News, 6/9/23]


  • Democratic Lawmakers Passed A Bill Requiring A 72-Hour Waiting Period For Gun Purchases, Safe Storage, And Expanding Background Checks. “The Vermont Legislature on Friday passed a bill that requires a 72-hour waiting period for the purchase of guns and includes other provisions aimed at reducing suicides and community violence. […] The legislation also creates a crime of negligent firearms storage and expands the state’s extreme risk protection orders so that a state’s attorney, the attorney general’s office or a family or household member may ask a court to prohibit a person from purchasing, possessing or receiving a dangerous weapon.” [Burlington Free Press, 5/8/23]


  • The Democratic-Majority Virginia Senate Passed Two Firearm Safety Bills, One Banning The Sale Of Ghost Guns And Another Banning The Open Carry Of Assault Weapons. “Virginia senators passed two bills nearly along party lines that impose new restrictions on guns, but neither is likely to make it through the Republican-led House of Delegates. The state Senate voted 22-17 along party lines to ban the sale of so-called ghost guns — homemade firearms without serial numbers typically assembled using 3D printers — or the components used to build one. […] The 40-member chamber then passed a bill to prohibit people from carrying certain assault weapons in public on a 21-18 vote, with state Sen. Lynwood W. Lewis Jr. (D-Accomack) siding with Republicans in opposition.” [WRIC, 1/30/23
    • SB 1181, The Bill To Ban The Sale Of Ghost Guns, Was Killed By A House Subcommittee. [SB 1181, House Subcommittee Vote, 2/9/23]
    • SB 1192, The Ban On Carrying Assault Weapons In Public, Was Killed By A House Subcommittee. [SB 1192, House Subcommittee Vote, 2/9/23]
  • The Democratic-Majority Senate Passed An Assault Weapons Ban. “Senate Bill 1382 would ban the sale, transfer or possession of new assault firearms, specifically those manufactured after the proposed effect date for the new law, July 1. The measure would grandfather assault weapons already in legal possession. The bill would prohibit anyone younger than 21 from possessing assault firearms, regardless of the date of manufacture. It also would ban the sale of large-capacity magazines to anyone.” [Washington Post, 2/7/23]
    • SB 1382, The Bill To Ban Assault Weapons, Was Killed By A House Subcommittee. [SB 1382, House Subcommittee Vote, 2/9/23]
  • The Senate Passed A Safe Storage Bill.  “The Senate has passed several restrictions on guns, including: […] Senate Bill 901 would require that anyone leaving a handgun in an unattended motor vehicle lock the vehicle.” [Washington Post, 2/7/23]
    • SB 901 Was Killed By A House Subcommittee. [SB 901, House Subcommittee Vote, 2/9/23]
  • The Senate Passed A Bill That Would Allow People Who Felt Harmed By The Gun Industry To Sue In Court. “The Senate has passed several restrictions on guns, including: […] Senate Bill 1167, which seeks to establish ‘reasonable controls’ or standards for companies that manufacture and sell firearms, allowing people who feel harmed by the industry to sue in civil court.” [Washington Post, 2/7/23]
    • SB 1167 Was Killed By A House Subcommittee. [SB 1167, House Subcommittee Vote, 2/9/23]
  • Del. Eileen Filler-Corn (D-Fairfax) Introduced A Bill That Would Require Firearms To Include Microstamping.“In the House of Delegates, Del. Eileen Filler-Corn (D-Fairfax) has introduced a bill that has sparked some interest from Republicans. Her H.B. 1788 would require dealers to sell firearms that have been microstamped, a type of technology that puts an identifying mark on rounds fired so they can be traced back to a particular weapon. Some GOP members have expressed openness to that concept.” [Washington Post, 1/13/2023]
    • HB 1788 Was Left In Committee. [HB 1788, 2/7/23]
  • A House of Delegates Republican-Majority Subcommittee Killed A Bill That Would Have Strengthened Gun Laws On College Campuses. “Republicans in the House of Delegates have killed a bill that would have strengthened gun laws on college campuses in the wake of the deadly Nov. 13 shooting at the University of Virginia. The proposed law would have made carrying a firearm on school grounds a Class 1 misdemeanor and allow law enforcement to obtain a search warrant when it believes firearms are possessed illegally in university buildings. The bill passed the state Senate on Feb. 7 in a 23-17 vote, with Republican Emmett W. Hanger Jr. of Mount Solon crossing party lines to vote with the chamber’s Democrats. It was tabled by the House Public Safety Subcommittee in a 6-4 party-line vote on Feb. 9.” [Daily Progress, 2/20/23] [SB 1484, House Subcommittee Vote, 2/9/23]


  • Democratic Lawmakers Passed A Ban On The Sale, Distribution, Manufacture And Importation Of Over 50 Models Of Semi-Automatic Rifles. “A ban on dozens of semi-automatic rifles cleared the Washington state Legislature on Wednesday and the governor is expected to sign it into law. The high-powered firearms — once banned nationwide — are now the weapon of choice among young men responsible for most of the country’s devastating mass shootings. The ban comes after multiple failed attempts in the state’s Legislature, and amid the most mass shootings during the first 100 days of a calendar year since 2009. The Washington law would block the sale, distribution, manufacture and importation of more than 50 gun models, including AR-15s, AK-47s and similar style rifles. These guns fire one bullet per trigger pull and automatically reload for a subsequent shot. Some exemptions are included for sales to law enforcement agencies and the military in Washington. The measure does not bar the possession of the weapons by people who already have them.” [Associated Press, 4/19/23]

West Virginia

  • West Virginia Republican Lawmakers Passed A Bill To Allow Concealed Carry On College Campuses That Was Signed Into Law By The Governor. “West Virginia’s governor signed a bill Wednesday allowing people with concealed carry permits to take firearms onto public college and university campuses. ‘Proud day for me,’ Republican Gov. Jim Justice said as he signed the bill, surrounded by more than two dozen state lawmakers, members of the National Rifle Association, and the West Virginia Citizens Defense League.” [Associated Press, 3/1/23]


  • GOP Legislators Proposed A Bill To Give Concealed Carry Permits To School Staff To Carry Firearms On School Grounds. “School employees could carry concealed firearms on school property under a GOP proposal rebuked by gun violence prevention advocates and Democrats. The bill would give local school boards authority to approve school staff with concealed carry permits to bring guns on school grounds. It would also waive application, renewal and background check fees for teachers to get a concealed carry permit. Republicans state Rep. Scott Allen of Waukesha and state Sen. Cory Tomcyzk of Mosinee unveiled the proposal in a co-memorandum Monday.” [Wisconsin Public Radio, 4/12/23]
  • Democratic Lawmakers Reintroduced A Package Of Gun Safety Bills That Would Expand Background Checks, Create A Sales Tax Exemption For The Purchase Of Gun Safes, And Enact A Red Flag Law. “Attorney General Josh Kaul and a coalition of Democratic state lawmakers reintroduced a package of gun safety legislation designed to address rising statewide homicide rates that follows a year of high-profile gun violence incidents in Milwaukee. […] One of the bills would expand background checks to a wider array of gun sales, closing current exceptions for guns purchased through private vendors, some online sales and gun shows. […]Another bill would create a sales tax exemption for the purchase of gun safes, trigger locks and barrel locks to promote home gun safety, while a third bill would enact ‘red-flag’ laws that allow law enforcement to temporarily remove guns from people in imminent danger of harming themselves or others.” [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 6/13/23]

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